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How to create a Low-Maintenance garden.


Most Essential tips for Super-Easy gardening.


Gardening does not have to involve too much digging, weeding, watering and fertilizing!

The principles for doing less work, with greater rewards are simple. These are just a few of my secrets for creating an easy garden:

  1.  Good design – understand your site. Learn about the amount of sun or shade, wind, heat and other conditions your plants are exposed to.
  2.  Choose your plants – Select plants that grow in the amount of sun or shade your garden receives. If wind is a problem in your yard, consider using fence or shrubbery as wind protection.
  3.  Improve your soil – Good soil is essential for great garden. Compost provides nutrients to plants, reducing or eliminating the need for purchased fertilizer. Organic matter gets used up, so you need to keep replenishing it.
  4.  Water smart – Hauling water is a hustle. Look for clever ways to water your garden. Drip systems, sprinklers and soaker hoses, just to name a few, will save you time and make your life easier.
  5.  Do not dig – Digging destroys soil life. Raised beds, planters and use of “Lasagna Gardening Method” helps build rich and healthy soil.
  6.  Mulch – Improves your soil by adding additional organic matter, prevents erosion and soil compaction. You will spend less time weeding, watering and fertilizing.

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Hobby gardening and farming are very satisfying, rewarding and stress relieving!

Gardening helps with overall health in more ways than just taking control of the food we eat!

Statistics show, recreational gardening and farming helps not only with stress but also with PTSD. It improves mental stimulation, self-esteem, overall health and happiness!

Time spent outside breathing fresh air while taking care of plants and animals improves circulation and oxygen intake. Filling your body with more oxygen is a smart and safe method to fight cancer! A German doctor named Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research proving that cancer cells use a form of non-oxygen metabolism to survive. In other words, normal cells love oxygen but cancer cells do not! Therefore the more time we spend outside the better it is for our wellbeing!

It would be ideal if you can garden outside and have an access to a backyard or a community garden. But you don’t need to have a huge yard to make your garden come to life and start to enjoy organically grown food. I started my first tomato plant in the container when we lived in the apartment building. Basil, dill, parsley and majority of herbs will do very well in pots on windowsill. Actually an herb garden is a great place to start. It is better to start small, especially if your thumb doesn’t turn green right away. It might take some time to figure out which plants can grow successfully in your area, how much sunlight they need, how much water, how much time do you have a day dedicated to maintaining, etc… It is a process. I personally enjoy the process.  It is impossible not to enjoy gardening as it is very rewarding. If you take care of the plant, plant will thrive and give back and provide you with one’s creation.

It is possible to create a garden with minimal maintenance. I read a lot about low maintenance gardens. So much information nowadays on the internet! Like an artist, you can create whatever your heart desires! I started from one tomato plant when I developed an allergy to store bought tomatoes. My doctor explained, that the allergy I have is not to tomato itself but to the nitrogen, tomato fertilized with. Apparently this allergy is very common. I did some research and found out that that those chemical fertilizers case not only allergy but variety of health problems. My goal became to substitute as many store bought veggies as I can for homegrown ones! When we moved to Long Island, we planted fruit trees and now growing variety of fruits, vegetables and berries. We learned to use chicken manure in the garden. Plants love that “gold” immensely and produce in such quality and quantity that we now enjoy our harvest most of the year. Leaning to preserve our harvest to last is a fun process too. It is fun to open a can of your own crunchy pickles in winter but still there is nothing better than to bite a tomato straight from the wine!

It is also very satisfying being able to eat something that you have grown and cared for with your own hands! 


 How to create a Low-Maintenance garden

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