Smart Pup - Cheese or Broccoli ?

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 I never thought I will ever own chickens! I liked to watch them as a kid, when I visited my aunt in a village but I never ever thought I would want to have them in my home. It seemed having chickens is just too much hustle, too problematic and sort of...old fashion... It's started to grow on me very slow. First, I started to loose the taste for store bought eggs... I remembered the taste of  my aunt's free ranged chicken eggs... yammm... that rich, creamy, tasty dark yolk. 


There is no comparison to pale, runny and tasteless store bought eggs! I started to buy organic. Slightly better, not by much though. When I was looking for alternatives, I saw an article in a paper about residents in my town go petition to the town hall to allow them to have backyard chickens. Interesting, I though... and I started to follow. Apparently I'm not the only one who hates the taste of store bought eggs. People also claim chickens help them to relieve stress, get rid of bugs on the backyard, naturally fertilize plants, recycle left over food, just to name few advantages. I joined the movement! In about a year, Huntington was the last town in Suffolk ( Long Island ) to announce allowance of having up to 6 backyard chickens! 

dog and chicks

At that time I did a lot of research on the internet about having backyard chickens. I found out, its very easy to set up and take care of a little flock. All those amazing pre-build chicken coops and DIY plans, feeders and waterers! The only thing we had hard time with -- which one to choose. :) Chickens are the easiest creatures to take care for! I have a feeder and drip-line waterer which I feel up once a week. My chickens are free range most of the time and deep litter method allows me to clean up the coop only twice a year! All "chicken coop gold"  along with deep liter goes to vegetable garden. You should see our veggies!!!

dog and chicks2


Big plus -- chickens are happy to eat all  leftover food and all scraps from the kitchen! There is no food waste in our house! No bugs on our backyard! Not to forget --  freshest, tastiest eggs which you never find in a store!


How to use your dog as a chicks babysitter:

Chicken coop 2

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