Dash Cam Recording of Car Accident

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Have you ever been in the car accident?  I hope not!

But if you did, you might probably know it's "he said, she said" case unless you have witnesses!

So the question you have to ask yourself is do you want to rely on dam luck or be ready if you get into one?

After our family member got into bad car accident I installed Dashboard Camera Recorders on everyone's car!

I'm ready! No more "he said, she said" scenarios for me! I have 100% prove in case of any car accident!

You probably asking yourself after reading this:

"why do I need it? I'm a good driver and didn't get into any car accidents in the last 10 - 15 years..."

Very simple! It's for your protection against bad drivers and their fake side of the story!

Get yourself a Dash Cam Recorder. They are not too expensive and easy to install.

There are many brands of Dash Cam Recorders on the market.

I did some research and based on people's feedback I bought the best one: 

Rexing Dashboard Camera Recorder 

Now my family owns 3 of them. Have been using them for a year now with no issues.

Resently it proved to be very useful when I was rear-ended...

Look at the picture! The car was deemed a total loss!!!

The front camera is high definition and the back is not, but have enough resolution see who caused the accident.

You can judge for yourself by looking at the video recording of the accident, take in concideration that I also compressed the video from 25MB to 4MB to make it load faster on mobile devices, but the compression did reduced original quality... 

All you need is an additional memory card, I prefer: Sony 64GB Micro Memory Cardit can store several weeks of recordings.

After that Dash Cam starts looping by erasing old recordings, but it keeps the once recorded during the accident or marked by you.